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02.04.2015 17:54 | SHKAPLEROV Anton
Dear followers, welcomes  all of you!
Usually we are posting the overview of our space station`s modules, that`s why it is difficult to note the details of interior. But today we will try get more detailed view of the work area.
18.03.2015 11:23 | SHKAPLEROV Anton
Hello everybody!
A few last weeks were very oversaturated. We`ve been prepared the landing of our crewmates. In the end of last week the SC Soyuz had successfully landed, and now there are only 3 people on board of ISS: Terry, Samantha and me.
I`ve took a few photos of that preparations.
12.02.2015 13:59 | SHKAPLEROV Anton

Space Cargo Vehicle Dragon almost a month was a part of the ISS. In the evening of 10th February my crewmates Barry and Samantha had undocked the spacecraft from the Utility hub "Harmony"  with the help of Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS).


Samantha and Butch are nearby the reserved work station, which controls the SSRMS


29.01.2015 11:07 | SEROVA Elena
I was already telling you about experiment «SPHERES – Zero Robotics». That time, together with Samantha Cristoforetti, we were testing space mini-robots SPHERES. Spheres – there are experimental satellites. Last week we had here - on board - a competition by it`s programming. 


13.01.2015 15:31 | SHKAPLEROV Anton
Yesterday the Dragon visited the ISS! It sounds funny, but it is true. The Dragon – it is the US transported manned vehicle. While it was docking with the ISS, through the porthole I was taking photos of the “space Dragon” flight.
I hope it was good foreshortening, and i`m sharing photos with you.
06.01.2015 12:59 | SHKAPLEROV Anton
Hello everybody, who follow us!
We didn`t meet each other from the last year! Unfortunately, sometimes there are not enough hours in a day! Nowadays Russian people have a long holidays vacations, but here we have had just one extra day for relax – Jan 1. And, of course, we had one holiday on Jan 7 – Xmas.
We had a chance to celebrate a New Year 16-times (in all time zones, with all nations in all countries), but we 31-th of December was a weekday, so the international crew of ISS gathered together only a four times=)
First Earthlings, who met a New Year, were the inhabitants of the Island Kiritimati in the Pacific ocean. My crewmates had a dinner that time, so it was first time, when we met 2015.


25.12.2014 14:35 | SHKAPLEROV Anton
Good evening, Earthlings!
We still have a lot of job on the ISS, despite our conviviality and decorated Xmas tree.
12.12.2014 13:32 | SHKAPLEROV Anton

The crew, that has just arrived to the ISS, have to go through the training on usage of an emergency mask.


08.12.2014 11:50 | SEROVA Elena

I believe that all my followers over the weekend had time to relax and has started new week in a good mood! In any case here, on board, just so!

Last week was filled not only with duties, but also with positive emotions. It began with a remarkable event – the Birthday of our American colleagues Terry Vёrts! Congrats him one more time

04.12.2014 14:29 | SHKAPLEROV Anton

I`m holding a vessel with a separated water. It is a water without air particles.

You may ask – why do we use separated water? It is because that non-separated water could damage systems of thermoregulation and water-supply.