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Roscosmos Science and Technology Council Session

12.03.2015 19:58
On 12 March 2015, a regular session of  Roscosmos Science and technology council was held to discuss the technical proposals on the  promising launch vehicles, submitted by the leading Russian rocket and space industry enterprises. 

The members of the Science and technology council reviewed the projects of Energia corporation, Progress  rocket and space center and V.P.Makeyev state rocket center on the development and building of super-heavy launch vehicles to implement  the Russian manned mission for the use and exploration of the Moon. They also discussed the issues related to Vostochny cosmodrome’s ground-based space infrastructure providing launches of these boosters. 

Based on the real data of state funding for the Federal Space Program projects until 2025 and the Federal Target Program of the cosmodromes development until 2025, and considering the development of the Russian orbital spacecraft groupings of scientific, socio-economic and dual-purpose as a  priority,   the Science and technology council passed the following resolutions: 
  • to recommend that Khrunichev Research and production space center together with Energia Rocket and space corporation  develop a project for Angara-A5V booster that could possibly be adapted for other perspective transport and manned space vehicles  and other payloads to  carry out flights in the lunar space and to the Moon. The materials must be submitted to the Inter-Department Commission for issuing a resolution;
  • recommend that Roscosmos consider including into the Federal Space Program project until 2025 the creation of rocket engines on liquefied natural gas for their use in the new space systems, including ones with a reusable ultra-light class launch vehicle;
  • to recommend that Roscosmos consider the possibilities of state financing of the rocket and space industry enterprises to design a  rocket and space complex for the exploration of the Moon, Mars and other planets of the Solar system;
  • to recommend considering, in 2016 - 2020,  the creation of a scientific and technology base, new technologies, systems and  aggregates as a priory in  the program on the super-heavy booster development.

Yuri Koptev, the Head of Roscosmos Science and technology council, said: 

“Angara-A5V booster, able to launch into orbit up to 35 tons of payload,  is a development of the existing Russian universal modular Angara-type carrier rockets . Their unification offers a prospect of optimizing expenditures in the foreseeable period for all the ambitious goals. GKNPTs (Khrunichev Research and production space center) will work together with the enterprises, and this will bring the desired effect and reduce the time.  The creation of Angara-A5V allows to keep and increase the Russian presence in the world market of space launches". 
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